Sunrise Vinyasa Flow 6-7am 4/6/23

Sunrise Vinyasa

Awaken your body with a early morning yoga class that synchronizes your breathing to your movements cultivating a sense of peace and calm by the end of each class.

Practicing vinyasa yoga on a daily basis can improve posture, flexibility and endurance. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga helps to bring a sense of clarity to challenging situations in life, reminds us to stay present and focused in an ever-changing environment, and can help us find contentment in our surroundings.

Please bring a mat and water for this class



*by purchasing this ticket I understand improper yoga practice and not listing to my instructor may cause injury. I accept and understand this possibility and do not hold Wild & Free nor their employee Raven responsible for any injury that may occur and will not hold the establishment or employees responsible for any medical bills related to any injury