Mommy & Baby Yoga 8:30-9:15am 3/30/23

Rae will guide our Momma and baby class through stretches, breath work, strength poses while bonding with your baby and getting to know other new moms.
This class offers a mix of strengthening and restorative movements for mommas as well as yoga poses done with your baby.

During these sessions babies will laugh, cry, fuss and fidget…and that’s okay! Babies needs come first and at anytime during the class your baby needs to be fed, changed or held we encourage you to do so! Stop and attend their needs at any point and rejoin when you can. Changing table and quiet room is available if needed.

Our goal for you during this class is to help you feel strong, energized and at ease with your new baby.

As always, we encourage you to go at your own pace and rest as needed during the class.

*This class is for baby’s 3-11 months. Please bring a blanket for your baby to lay on.

*by purchasing this ticket I understand improper yoga practice and not listing to my instructor may cause injury. I accept and understand this possibility and do not hold Wild & Free nor their employee Raven responsible for any injury that may occur and will not hold the establishment or employees responsible for any medical bills related to any injury