Glow Elixir Cleansing Oil

Start your skin routine off right with our double cleanse Glow Elixir!

Skin Benefits:

Despite the scary word "oil" this cleanser is non-pore clogging and will work to keep your pores clean and clear! 

How It Works:

Glow Elixir works by bonding to excess oil and impurities on your skin and dissolving them. Using a proprietary blend of oils, this cleanser will act as a barrier to your skin keeping soft, moisturized and thriving. 

Who Can Use This?

Safe for all skin types, tones, conditions and disorders

To Use: Massage 2-4 pumps of products onto face for 1-3 minutes. Remove excess product by draping a warm face cloth over face and pat. Follow up with your treatment cleanser of choice. For personalized recommendation on usage book with one of our Estheticians or visit our skin boutique in Waynesboro Va!

****Contains nut oil

Ingredients: Sesame Oil, Cumin Seed, Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Hemp Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Lime Extract, Black Spruce Extract, Frankincense Extract