Wildcrafted Skincare with Holistic Esthetician Chey

"Skincare to me should be accessible, fulfilling and fun!

When my client leaves my treatment room, I want them to feel confident. More than that however, I want them to feel heard, understood, cared for, and valued.

My goal is to help them find a little slice of peace."

skin treatments

Clearing Facial

$115 (75min)

$135 (90min)

Descriptions coming soon!

OHM Sound Therapy Facial

Transport yourself into a deeply meditative state while our Licensed Esthetician combines the relaxing vibrations of sound therapy with holistic modalities. Performed using Tibetan singing bowls, this high “QI” service stimulates the body healing process while promoting deep and balanced breathing. Starting with a skin consultation and analysis you and your esthetician will determine main skin concerns to address during your time with us. Both custom blended and handcrafted plant based skincare will be applied during this treatment, as well as Ayurvedic oils. LED technology will also be utilized to encourage cellular turnover rate and aid in healing environmental and natural occurring inflammation.

The healing power in singing bowl vibrations goes beyond promising the flow of energy. You will also experience the following during your session:

•Opens the energetic pathways, alleviating stasis and relieving pain
•Relaxes muscular tension
•Relaxes adrenals, relieves stress and equilibrates the whole body
•Promotes sound sleep
•Promotes deep and balanced breathing
•Calming as it facilitates balance and homeostasis in the body
•Stimulates the body’s healing process

Looking to amplify your experience? We recommend adding our heated gemstone to this treatment. This can be added on just the back or our entire gemstone bed can be used.

Want to learn more? Call or message us!

90min $185

Lift & Glow Facial (Mature Skin)

$115 (75min) 

$135 (90min)

Descriptions coming soon!

Gua Sha Facial

$115 (75min) 

$135 (90min)

Descriptions coming soon!

Express Facial

$65 (30min)

Descriptions coming soon!

Consult Facial

Descriptions coming soon!

Teen Facial

Our 45 min Teen Facial is geared towards skin clearing and hydration.  During our time together we customize and hand mixed products to help you achieve “ no filter” skin you can be proud of. Parental consent is required for this service and parents of teens under 16 are required to sit in during the service. 

*This service is only for individuals up to 18 years old



Express Facial $50 - Facial Massage $20 - Scalp Massage $20 - Hand Wax Treatments $10 - Foot Wax Treatments $10 - Extractions $25 - Eye Treatment $15 - Lip Treatment $15 - Heated Gemstone Therapy Bed $50 - Hydrojelly Mask $20 - Galvanic $25

Additional Services

Lash Lift + Tint $80 - Just a Lash Lift $50 - Just a Lash Tint $20 - Brow Tint + Shape $35 - Brow Lamination + Tint $70  Just Brow Lamination $55 - Just a Brow Tint $18

Eye Brow Wax $20 - Lip Wax $15 - Chin Wax (includes sides) $15 - Full Face (brows, lip, chin, neck, cheek) $65 

* "Loyal Waxer" Consistent Monthly Clients discount will be applied at checkout for maintaining 1/2 or full body waxing

(multiple discounts cannot be applied. One discount per appointment).