What is the Zone Technique?

The Zone Technique focuses on different areas of the brain in charge of controlling different systems of the body, more than just muscles. By focusing on these areas and removing stress from those segments in the spine through the chiropractic adjustment the body is able to respond and function much better to everyday stresses and recover much faster!

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Dr. Tyler graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, in May of 2020. He is well versed in both manual and instrument assisted adjustment techniques using both the Activator and TRT methods. Dr. Tyler uses the Zone Technique to find and adjust the exact areas to get you back to 100%.

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Here's what patients have to say!

"I have been receiving excellent Chiropractic care with Dr. Tyler . Years ago, I suffered a neck injury from a car accident & now I am so thankful that Dr. Tyler has worked miracles for managing my pain.
I am now able to carry on a normal life. He also has helped my husband with his back issues.
I would definitely recommend him."

-Nancy R.

"I have been a dancer for over 20 years, and every now and then I somehow find a way to injure myself. This time my back was in so much pain for over two weeks- I couldn’t sleep on one side, lift heavy objects, twist too far on either side, and I couldn’t jump- which as a dancer is kind of crucial! I saw Dr. Tyler once and I left feeling so much more relaxed and completely free of pain! Went back and danced the next day with no limitations or pain! Highly recommend for all your chiropractic needs!"

-Shalyn S.

"My fiancé suffers from chronic back pain. From years of manual labor jobs and being tall- daily back pain was seemingly a way of life for him. We were in wild and free for another appointment but after meeting Dr. Randolph Garrett decided to give chiropractic adjustment a try. He came out a different man. He got relief in areas he never knew how to treat himself. We will (both) come back to get adjusted soon!"

-Heather H.