Carolyn Claytor is an experienced and licensed aesthetician, and as the owner and founder of Wild and Free LLC., she hones her craft, and crafts, at her own spa and skincare haven. She creates her own services and products with her client's personal needs in mind along with her own innovation and expertise. 

Carolyn approaches each individual client with care and love, and examines the delicate balance of health: diet, lifestyle, and environment for a truly effective and personalized experience. In each session, Carolyn incorporates a variety of sustainably sourced products with intentional massage techniques to support and encourage the skins natural functions while supplementing it with natural ingredients. With this, she pairs a variety of wholistic techniques with her products to enhance skin rejuvenations and drive positive skincare results.
As a lifelong learner, Carolyn continues to deepen her studies of both old and new skin healing techniques. Paired with her unique training in skincare, cosmetic chemistry, anatomy, physiology, herbs and aromatherapy this makes for a truly dynamic approach to skin health. Her belief is that skincare products should be safe, effective, sustainable and enjoyable. She is extremely grateful to have the love and support of her clients to create moments of respite and luxury, and share her grounding space and passion with others.

Outside of running a business and seeing clients, Carolyn is a full time mom to her two sons Oliver and Alexander!

Meet the team


Skin Tamer

Favorite Products: Vitamin C Cleanser, Vitamin A Serum, Alpha Arbuitn Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin C + Papaya Toner, Berry Hydroblast (cant live without her!)

Hometown: Woodland, California

Favorite TV Shows: Anything Reality...Guilty Pleasure!

Food she can't live without: Nachos.

Favorite Service at the Spa: Lash Lift or Massage!


Skin Progressor and Educator

Favorite Products: 


Favorite TV Shows: 

Food she can't live without: 

Favorite Service at the Spa: The Signature Facial



Favorite Products:

Favorite TV Shows:

Food she can't live without: 

Favorite Service at the Spa: 

The Enzyme Back treatment


Beauty Enhancer & Lash Artist

Favorite Products:

Hometown: Staunton, VA

Favorite TV Shows: Friends

Foods she can't live without: Snickers and Dr. Pepper

Favorite service at the spa: Lash Lift + Tints, Brow Shape + Tint, and Waxes!


Product Guru & Yoga Enthusiast

Favorite Products: Ayurvedic Cleansing oil, Berry Hydroblast Enzyme Mask, and Resurrection mask

Hometown: Staunton, VA

Favorite TV Shows: Reality TV Shows, Kenan and Kel, Big Bang Theory

Food she can't live without: Fries and cheese

Favorite Service at the Spa: The Signature Facial, and the Prenatal Belly Treatment!


Stone worker (LMT)

Favorite Products:

Hometown: Mount Holly, NC

Favorite TV Shows:

Foods you Can't live without: Sour Gummy Candy of any variety!

Favorite Service at Spa: