Blue Tansy Overnight Acne Mask

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Stubborn breakouts got you down? Try our whole plant overnight mask!

Safe for oily and acne prone skin, this mask safely hydrates and kills acne causing bacteria to kick stubborn breakouts to the curb and prevent future ones!

Our proprietary blend of Blue Tansy and Tallow is about to make your clear skin dreams a reality. Hear how! Tallow is a natural healthy fat and high in vitamins like A,D,E and K. These vitamins contain potent anti-oxidative properties that combat issues like cell damage and acne causing bacteria. 

Blue Tansy, like Tallow, has anti-oxidative properties as well as anti-inflammatory. Its ability to clear congestion, kill acne causing bacteria and reduce redness makes this a MUST have product for anyone struggling with breakouts. 

We recommend using nightly, but you can use it as needed and get amazing benefits too!

Full ingredient list: 

Grass Fed Organic Tallow, Hemp Oil, Tea Tree Extract,Blue Tansy Extract

This product is packaging in a .5 oz clear glass container. 

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