What is skin inflammation?

Inflammation/inflammatory skin disorders can come and go as they please. These issues can range from eczema and psoriasis to daily lifestyle choices. Inflammation IS the root cause to all our skincare woes. The first step to balanced skin is addressing skin trauma and inflammation. At Wild & Free we heal skin by working at the root of the issues

Why is it important to treat?


Treating inflammation during the beginning phases is of starting your skin health journey is VITAL to the success of your goals. Conditions and disorders like Acne, Aging, Sensitivity etc.. cannot be successfully cared for without calming inflammation first.

Do I have inflammation?

Honestly, the answer is most likely yes. If you currently have a skin concern we can assume you have inflammation. We offer free walk in consultations with our W&F skin specialists during business hours as well as FaceTime or Zoom consultations.