No Nasties Play Make-up

It’s 5:00am and you’re sound asleep.

You feel yourself slowly becoming aware of a presence nearby and gradually open your eyes. Approximately 2 millimetres away from your face is your little person, beaming with pride.

You scream.

At first you think their face has been attacked by a box of permanent markers and a bottle of tomato sauce, but the reality is much worse.

Your makeup. Your expensive, good quality makeup. Don’t let this happen again.

Included in Deluxe Play Makeup Box: 3 natural eyeshadows, pastel purple and sparkly white with no talc, clay or preservatives 1 natural blush 1 natural and vegan lip balm 1 latex free applicator sponge 2 double-sided sponge applicators 1 No Nasties nail sticker sheet 1 Cotton keepsake bag

Packaged in a recycled cardboard box

Made with love by no nasties kids

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