The Jessners Peel

October 12, 2021

The Jessners Peel

Wild & Free is so excited to share this new service with our clients!

HIP HIP HOORAY!...The Jessners Peel is HERE! Let's chat about it...


Would you make a good candidate for this particular peel?

If you have sensitive skin, existing skin conditions such as rosacea, dark skin, or any medical skin condition that may make your skin hypersensitive...this peel may not be suited for you. That is OK! We do offer the Peeling Good Facial! 


Tell me more! How can this service be beneficial to my skin?

This peel is great for those who are looking to smooth and rid the skin of acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. 


What can I expect during my service?

The Jessners Peel is a pretty quick process. The entire appointment will last about 30 mins. This service doesn't have the same relaxation involved...but fear will be so worth it. You will feel some heat and tingling, but you are on the way to clearer, healthier, glowing skin! This is totally a service you can swing by on your lunch break and get done! 


How do I book? Is there any guidelines I need to follow before I can book this service?

You can book this service online or by calling us at the local shop.

BEFORE this service can be booked a 5 minute skin consultation is REQUIRED before your service request can be accepted and an appointment can be confirmed for you. We always want to make sure that our services are rejuvenating and healing to our clients and not making an existing skin condition or sensitivity worse! Seeing your skin in-person will help us suggest whether this service is best suited for your skin. This service is offered as one-time services or in packages of 4 or 6 services. 


What can I expect after my service? How do I care for my skin going forward?

Your skin will begin to shed within 2-3 days...and continue until your skin has finished its natural shedding process. DO NOT peel the skin away or pick at your peeling skin...this can result in damaging your skin or scarring. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Drink all the water and stay hydrated as your skin transitions. Don't judge your results by how little or how much your skin peels. Everyone's skin will react differently! Some people will see major peeling (dehydrated skin, skin texture, etc. can all contribute to this)...while other's will see less peeling...all while still having the same end results of shedding dry, damaged skin, targeting acne scarring and age spots, and improving skin texture. Chat with our licensed Master Esthetician performing your service and they will cover how to adjust your skincare routine and when to return to your normal skincare routine after your peel!