The Cleansing Myth....Should you wash your face more than once a day?

April 16, 2022

The Cleansing Myth....Should you wash your face more than once a day?

Okay. So we all do it. I did it. You probably do it, hell your mom probably has done it a few times. 
We all have washed our face more than once a day. 

Before I knew any better, I thought the more I washed my face the faster the acne bacteria will disappear and my skin would clear up…because whats the first thing someone says when they see you have acne? "Don't you wash your face?!" 

As a skincare professional this question annoys the hell out of me. Washing your face barely has anything to do with acne. Most of the time acne is caused by genetics, diet, hormones and skin type. NOT the amount of time you spend scrubbing your face with soap.

Still not a believer in the once a day evening face washing ceremony?  

Well what if I told you that no matter what skin type, condition or disorder you have you are doing so much harm by picking up that washcloth and scrubbing that face in the morning (also if you are using a washcloth on your face GIRL what are you doing?! Put that washcloth down and step away from the counter!)

First off why exactly are you cleaning your face in the morning? Is your pillow that dirty? Do you sleep walk to the gym and work out all night? No? Me neither.

By cleaning your skin right before you go to bed you are giving your skin the chance to repair itself. If you do your skin regimen at night your skin has all night of uninterrupted, repair time. Your serums have a chance to seep into your skin all without exposing yourself to environmental pollutants or dirt, oil or sweat.

Also nighttime is when your skin is hard at work building its own natural barrier against the world (a layer of helpful oils that keep our skin oh so soft), why strip a nights hard work all away as soon as you wake up with a face wash? It would have to work twice as hard during the day making those oils, which can result in a condition called Seborrhea (over productive oils glands).

So what are the benefits of washing your face exclusively in the evening?
-Removes impurities from the day (your skin has so much dirt on it that you can't see!)
-Removes makeup
Your skin repairs itself at night
​-Gives your skin a natural moisture boost
-Protects your skins natural barrier

When it comes down to it, just do your skin a favor and save that scrubbin for bed time!