Peel Season

September 14, 2023

Fear Chemical Peels No More!

As we transition to Autumn (and hopefully cooler weather) its time to book your chemical peels!

Autumn is the ideal time for this treatment; less time in the sun, cooler weather and more time for the skin to heal!

Does the thought of Chemical Peels freak you out?

Don't worry you're not alone! The thought of letting someone put acids on my face sort of freaked me out too! BUT chemical peels are most likely not what you think! In fact they've come a long way in the last 5 years and have been formulated to peel less and go deeper into the skin providing immediate results with less downtime (with little to no flaking!)

So what can a chemical peel do for you?

It's more like what CANT a peel do for you? At Wild & Free we have a peel for everyone; Rosacea, sensitive, acne, aging, scarring, age spots, wrinkles, texture, hyperpigmentation and so much more! Did I say Rosacea? ABSOLUTELY! In fact the before and after below is our peel treatment performed by Carolyn on a client with Rosacea/ Sensitive skin! She left GLOWING with minimal redness. 


Whats the difference between  Peel Treatment & Jessners Series?

Our Peel treatment was created to provide all year chemical peels meaning we can provide this service all year long! This service includes the benefits of our facial treatments which include dermaplane, massage, double cleansing and light therapy!


Our Jessners series can only be done during peel season and is considered a clinical peel due to the depth of skin it reaches. We cannot provide additional treatments like in our peel treatment (which features superficial peeling where our jessners is a medium depth). 

This peel is perfect for those wanting quick results especially when it comes to deeper wrinkling, sun damage and mild to severe acne. 


This peel must be done 4 weeks apart in 3 part series for more mild cases and 4 weeks apart in a 6 peel series for more severe cases.


**A Hydroglow or Peel treatment must be performed prior to receiving a Jessners series

A Peel for every skin tone!

That's right! Wild & Free offers Chemical peels for every skin tone and texture. No matter how light or dark your skin is we are dedicated to providing result driven skin treatments!