Go Green By Reusing

April 16, 2022

Go Green By Reusing

In honor of Earth Day, We wanted to highlight how we help with less waste and sustainability everyday!

Bulk Refill is how you can contribute to the cause as well. Whenever you purchase a Wild & Free product and you run out of that product after use, we offer bulk refill (which is all Wild & Free products in bulk) for you to refill those bottles or jars again. 

Not only will you get a discount for using our bulk refill but, you also get a discount for bringing the bottle or jar back to refill. 

It is our way of thanking the customer for being a contributor to Wild & Free but, most importantly to the planet and helping to minimize waste.  

The Earth is what we all have in common. A common place. A common ground. 

Let us all take care of it while we can. Every little bit counts.