Man Bundle

November 16, 2022

Looking for products that can tame the beard, control oily skin and keep everything soft and hydrated? Look no further!

Charcoal Wash

Our proprietary blend of oils features the wonder woodsy smell of the outdoors.

Target concerns: 
+ Dryness
+ Dullness

Recommended for: Beard washes are suitable for all hair and skin types.

Scent notes:  Bergamot, Cypress, Sandalwood and finishes with notes of spiced musk, and tobacco.

Charcoal Mask

Tough on blackheads gentle one skin, we recommend this mask to be used as needed on center of face for 5-7 minutes removing with room temp water. Redness may occur, enjoy that happy blood flow!

Beard Oil

Light weight but super moisturizing, our beard oil is the perfect way to start and end your day!

Don't forget to bring your empties back to Wild & Free and utilize our Bulk Refill program! Discounts for keeping our packaging out of the landfill and keeping our planet healthy, like your skin!